N95 Medical Grade FFP1 Mask
N95 Medical Grade FFP1 Mask
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The Orion-O-Mask fits like a glove on the face and around the ears with monolithic asthetics.

    • The originality of our design stands unpresidented because we have used years of study to algorithimically determine the points between our noses, chins and ears to a size that fits most of our population.
    • Monolithic design forms a single piece bonded together, giving us the flexibility to stretch as per our face contours.
    • Unique design reduces fatigue around the ears giving the users an impression that they are not wearing a mask at all.
    • The design is determined with the same logic that applies for human undergarments to ensure extended usability. Delicate laser cut Lycra and cotton fit your face like a glove on five fingers. The ear loops are make in an algorithmic shape forming unmatched comfort for ear loops.
    • The outer fabric itself is revolutionary with unmatched qualities to withstand daily use and superior comfort of an undergarment.
    • Orion fabrics are specifically made for the skin our our faces and can be washed at regular temperatures for repeated use.
    • High grade mixes of Lycra and organic cotton blended with bio washes help retain a softness that is unparalleled in the industry.
    • Reusability and biodegradable promote an ecofriendly design.