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Greetings From Orion Trims!

Hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe & staying healthy! 

We are thrilled that our Premium Performance Monolithic Masks have found their way to you! Orion Trims introduced a premium performance mask during the pandemic keeping in mind the need of the hour. We did this by optimally utilising class leading technology in order to ensure the development of a world-class product. We are committed towards providing a unique product that is Intertek tested for the monolithic outer layer and the filter.

The premium monolithic dual face mask filter contains our very own organic Orion Trims Hot Air Cotton® that surpasses regular filtration material. Our filters are made in a world-class facility with natural cellulite viscose fibres in India. The Orion Hot Air Cotton® is made in India at our own non-woven plant. We are the first manufacturers to have backward integrated the making of the raw material for a filter. The superior fit and premium finish speaks volumes for itself. The result: a Premium Performance Mask that is safe and stylish.

Our Premium Monolithic Face Masks meet the highest safety standards with the following key attributes:

  • Everyday Practicality
  • Premium Comfort
  • Highly Fashionable
  • Unique Monolithic Design
  • Dual Masking Protection  

We are very unique and you can learn more about us at www.oriontrims.com  


Stay safe & Mask up

Warm regards,

Team Orion Trims 

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